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Accept payments online with Virtual Terminal

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions about your transactions or other important questions please do not hesitate to contact us

Before you start

If you would like to start your business with us you will need to have an account with at least one payment gateway company.

This is a necessary process but don't worry we can help you with this if you don't want to invest your time into this matter.

We have a partnership with many of the popular payment companies so we can offer much better fees for our customers over regular customers.

How can Your Customers Pay You?

Before you will be able to get any payment you must set up the payment gateway you want to use to the payments and create minimum one code on JustPayFor account

There are few methods for the customer to access the JustPayFor page.

At the home page of the JustPayFor customers can provide a payment code. Also you can provide them a QRcode or a link to pay

Is the Virtual Terminal safe?

Of course it is safe to use. Our Virtual Terminal helps keep your payments secure with end-to-end encryption.

Our Virtual Terminal solution can help to shield payment information from fraud and abuse.

Which payment gateways we are supporting

We are still working on adding more payment gateways to the JustPayFor. If you have a preferred gateway please contact us and inform us.

Payment Gateway Credit Card Bank <> Bank Additional
Barclaycard ePDQ
Global Payments
Bambora North America
(Ogone) ePayments
Bambora ePay
In progress
Simapay (AsiaPay)
Paydollar (AsiaPay)
PesoPay (AsiaPay)

How does the Virtual Terminal work

That's very simple

  1. The seller fills in 3 simple fields abut the payer and the amount due to pay
  2. Select a payment gateway ( PayU, Worldpay etc. ) and the currency
  3. Click: Generate 

The seller can now provide the payer with the generated unique payment code ( e.g. HGSGHBD36S )

Alternatively the seller can click on the send icon 'Send message to this customer' to send a payment quote to the payer's e-mail or you could choose to send them a payment QR code.

The payer can use their smartphone to scan the QR code or go to https://justpayfor.com and provide a payment code to process the payment.

Do you store payer's details?

Yes, we store a very minimum amount of details about the payer which was provided by the seller during the transaction creation process  for short period of time.

NO, we are not processing details and most certainly do not store any other details such as credit card numbers or other sensitive details.

Do you share your customer's details?

Absolutely NOT, we do not share any personal information with anyone! 

When the seller is creating a code they must provide a very minimum amount of details about the payer which consists of Name, Surname, e-mail address and Payment amount.

These details are required by the payment gateway to process the payment. 

Can I use a code or link multiple times?

No, you cannot use the same links/code again. 

But, you can remove it and create a new one. 

For example, if your codes are limited to 5 and you have used 3 codes, just remove the completed (used) transaction codes.

The removed codes will return to your limit balance and you can continue creating new ones again.

Does the payer need to have funds in their bank account?

No, they don't.

When the payer chooses to pay the seller via  JustPayFor they can use a credit card to pay the seller for their service or goods provided.

Payers can also pay via PayU which allows many more ways to pay.

Is the payer charged for transactions?

There are no transaction charges placed upon the payer on our page. All costs are associated with the seller and their agreed monthly/yearly plan.